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Alumni of the Year

  • During its annual meeting Thursday, Nov. 21, the SC4 Alumni Association named Marcia M. Haynes of Port Huron as its Distinguished Alumna of the Year. Marcia Haynes

    Haynes was active in the community for decades. She was a founding member of the Port Huron Museum of Arts and History and served in many capacities with the museum, including Board of Trustees Chair.

    She was instrumental in the completion of numerous historical projects, including the excavation of Thomas Edison’s home site in Port Huron and restoration of the Fort Gratiot Hospital. She was a long-time member of the Port Huron Rotary and served on numerous committees at Port Huron Hospital, including the Planned Giving Committee and Estate Planning Control.

    Haynes has three adult children, two of whom attended SC4. She graduated from Denison College.

    The SC4 Alumni Association is accepting nominations for its Distinguished Alumni of the Year award for 2014-15.
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