• SC4 in 2013 celebrated the 90th anniversary of our founding in 1923.

    We began as Port Huron Junior College, which was the Junior College Department of the Port Huron School District. The St. Clair County Community College District was established by a vote of the people on June 12, 1967.

    The college has grown from a one-building school to a 25-acre, nine-building campus serving thousands of students each year.

  • Recently, a videotape was discovered in a dusty closet in the Main Building on the campus of SC4. It appeared to be a tape of one of the first televised courses offered by the college in 1975. In honor of SC4's 90th anniversary, here is that tape, performed by the SC4 Players.

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    Watch dozens of SC4 friends and supporters
    congratulate SC4 on its 90th anniversary.