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  • SC4 faculty, staff honored at dinner

    Friday, March 21, 2014

    St. Clair County Community College faculty and staff were honored Thursday, March 20, during the college’s annual Staff Recognition Dinner. Thirty-eight employees were given awards for service.

    Following is a list of employees honored and their awards:

    Retiring employees honored and years of service

    • Carol DesJardins of East China Township, professor of computer information systems, 30 years.
    • Melanie Gofton of Port Huron, print shop, 30 years.
    • Laurie Hampton of Memphis, secretary, enrollment services, 21 years.
    • Jacqueline Jablonski of Ithaca, NY, professor of English, 16 years.
    • Joe Mazzara of Clinton Township, professor of psychology, 5 years.
    • Allan Meno of Richmond, professor of psychology, 28 years.

    Employees honored with service awards

    • Latanga Christmas of Port Huron, professor of speech, 15 years.
    • Christine Deaton of Smiths Creek, payroll accounts clerk, 30 years.
    • Carrie Dollar of Grosse Pointe Woods, professor of biology, 5 years.
    • Julianne Easton of Port Huron, enrollment services representative, 25 years.
    • Frank Edwards of Port Huron, maintenance, 15 years.
    • Jason Eveningred of Port Huron, maintenance, 5 years.
    • Patty Fasbender of St. Clair, administrative assistant to the vice president of administrative services, 10 years.
    • Scott Fernandez of Fort Gratiot, professor of education and history, 15 years.
    • Ethan Flick of Lake Orion, instructor of political science, 5 years.
    • Lisa Francis of Fort Gratiot, admissions assistant, 25 years.
    • James Frank of Burtchville Township, professor of English and French, 15 years.
    • Patricia Frank of Burtchville Township, professor of history, 15 years.
    • Celina Grondin of Fort Gratiot, director of institutional research, 5 years.
    • Amy Hengehold of Marysville, TRiO coordinator, 5 years.
    • Thomas Kamsickas of Fort Gratiot, maintenance, 10 years.
    • Michael Kindle of Port Huron, maintenance, 15 years.
    • Kirk Kramer of Fort Gratiot, vice president of administrative services, 30 years.
    • Dr. Patricia Leonard of Fort Gratiot, dean of students and grants, 15 years.
    • Lawrence Mavis of Chesterfield, professor of chemistry, 20 years.
    • Joseph McFalda of Casco Township, professor of welding, 15 years.
    • Brent Morton of Lexington, Campus Patrol officer, 10 years.
    • Barry Moses of Croswell, maintenance, 30 years.
    • Cindy Nicholson of Burtchville Township, director of health and human services, 10 years.
    • Darlene Pauly of Fort Gratiot, third-party billing clerk, 25 years.
    • Julie Ruiz of St. Clair, career and employment specialist, 15 years.
    • Julie Ryan-McCollam of Port Huron, support personnel, Human Resources, 15 years.
    • Leonard Shirkey of Wales Township, maintenance, 5 years.
    • James Thomason of Port Huron, maintenance, 30 years.
    • Jeffery VanHamlin of Chesterfield Township, instructor of mathematics, 5 years.
    • Michael Ward of Fort Gratiot, maintenance, 15 years.
    • Scott Watson of Avoca, coordinator of advising and articulation, 10 years.
    • Michelle Watta of Port Sanilac, instructor of reading, 5 years.