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Food Services

  • Bistro College Center Catering
    Located in College Center  

    Many dollar menu choices available  



    Bistro Java beverage menu

    Bistro College Center Catering
    lunch menu

    Served 10:45 a.m. to 4 p.m.  

    Medium: 12 ounce, Large: 16 ounce

    Salad bar: Create your own salad (make it and weigh it) 40 cents per ounce
    Flavor shot (hazelnut, caramel or raspberry) 25 cents

    Daily: Grill combo specials (includes french fries and fountain drink) - burger, chicken sandwich or chicken strips

    Coffee $1.75 (Arabica Bean) Deli and soup bar:  
    Espresso shot $1.50

    Fresh deli sandwich bar

    • Choose up to three meats (ham, turkey, salami)
    • Choose one cheese (provolone, swiss, american)
    • Breads: White or wheat sub, wrap or croissant (additional 25 cents)
    Café latte (espresso, steamed milk and 1/4 froth) $2.50/$3 Chicken caesar wrap $5.25
    French vanilla latte $2.50/$3 Chicken salad croissant $5.25
    Café mocha (espresso, steamed milk and chocolate) $2.50/$3 Homemade soups and chili $2.50
    Hot cocoa (16 ounce) $2.50 Backstreet sides:  
    Cappuccino (espresso, steamed milk and 1/3 froth) $2.50/$3 Bacon cheeseburger $5.50
    French vanilla cappuccino $2.50/$3 Bosco sticks (2) with sauce $3
    Swiss mocha cappuccino $2.50/$3 Chicken hanni pita $5.25
    Steamer (steamed milk with flavoring: hazelnut, caramel or raspberry) $2.50/$3 Chili cheese dog $2.50
    Smoothie (16 ounce) $3.25 Chili cheese fries $2.75
    Frappé (16 ounce) $3.25 French fries $1.75
    Pop/water $1.25 Pepperoni pizza slice $1.25
    Hot tea $1.75    
        Assorted snacks, cookies and chips available.