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  • Engineering Technology - Renewable and Alternative Energy

    Associate in Applied Arts and Science Degree 

    Alternative Energy - Renewable and AET

    What you'll learn

    Get the training you need to work as a renewable energy technician. Students will learn how to install, service, troubleshoot and design alternative energy technology for the growing residential and small business markets. 

    Graduates can perform material estimating and sizing. Energy conservation and energy efficiency are integrated throughout the program. 

    Jobs you can get

    Learn to design and work on the following alternative energy technolgoy: 

    • Solar domestic hot water
    • Solar domestic space heating systems
    • Solar electric systems
    • Wind power systems

    Classes you'll take

    Here are some of the classes you'll take for this degree:

    • Fundamentals of Direct Current Electronics
    • Environmental Issues
    • Introduction to Sustainable Energy Concepts
    • Integrated Facility & Energy Systems Internship
    • Planning a Sustainable Alternative Energy System
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