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  • SC4 Portal 

    The new SC4 Portal is now accessible


    All your SC4 information, in one convenient spot.


     Click here to access the SC4 Portal

     Click here to read a brief overview of how it works


    What is it?

    The new SC4 Portal is your online destination for the resources, news and information you need on a daily basis as an SC4 student. The portal debuted Wednesday, June 12.

    What will I do with it?

    You'll use the portal to:

    • Check your email
    • Get to your online classes
    • Get to WAVE to register for classes
    • See class cancellations
    • Make advising appointments
    • Get student club information
    • See campus events
    • Get SC4 news and announcements
    • And more.

    Why do we need this?

    The college this summer will replace this website with a new site designed specifically for potential students. Everything that you, the current student, will need will be moved to the portal.

    How do I access the site?

    The portal will be your home page when you log on to a computer on campus. And there will be a link to the portal from the new website home page later this summer. If you are off campus, go to portal.sc4.edu. Your login name is your full email address (including the @student.sc4.edu) and your password is your email password.

    Is it easy to use?

    Yes, it's not complicated. The portal is meant to be a quick way to get all the information you need in one place, online.

    Can I access it from my phone?

    Yes, the portal is compatible with smart phones, tablets and personal computers.

    What if I need help accessing or using the portal?

    The SC4 student helpdesk can answer your questions at (810) 989-5858.