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Tuition and fees

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    Financial Aid

    Our in-district tuition and fees are 30% less than the average cost of Michigan four-year public universities.

    Check out our tuition rates and payment options below.

    • Tuition Rates
    • It is the recommendation of administration that the Board take action to approve the tuition and fee rate changes for 2015-2016 as listed below.



      $102 per contact hour


      $198 per contact hour

      Out of State 

      $290 per contact hour

      Student Fee    

      $75 per semester

      Technology Fee 

      $13 per contact  hour

      Nursing Program Fee            

      $25 per contact hour

      Online Fee

      $42 per course






    • Winter 2016
    • Residents of St. Clair County Community College district:

      • $102 per contact hour
      • $13  technology fee per contact hour

      Residents of the state of Michigan outside the college district:

      • $198 per contact hour
      • $13   technology fee per contact hour

      Residents outside the state of Michigan and international students enrolled through Visas:

      • $290  per contact hour
      • $13    technology fee per contact hour

      Additional fees:

      • Student Fee (non-refundable) of $75 per semester
      • Laboratory, course and program fees as required by course
      • Online fee of $42  per course
      • Nursing program fee of $25 per contact hour
      • Allied health application fee of $25 per application
      • Facility fees as required for classes outside of St. Clair County
      • Other fees may apply

        Tuition Calculation Table
        (before lab, student and additional fees)

        Total contact
        In-district tuition
        and technology
        Out-district tuition
        and technology
        1 $115$211
        2 $230$422
        3 $345$633
        4 $460$844
        5 $575$1,055
        6 $690$1,266
        7 $805$1,477
        8 $920$1,688
        9 $1,035$1,899
        10 $1,150$2,110
        11 $1,265$2,321
        12 $1,380$2,532
    • Tuition payment schedule by term
    • Winter 2016
      Payment in full required at time of registration.

      Payment options:
      The college accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check or cash during business hours. Online payments can be made via the WAVE by logging on to the SC4 Portal. To pay by phone, call (810) 989-5513.

      Payment plans for fall, winter and summer are available online with NELNET. You may access NELNET through the WAVE by logging on to the SC4 Portal. Or call (810) 989-5513 for details.  Click here to view complete payment plan information.

      The college reserves the right to remove students from courses for not complying with the tuition payment schedule. A registration restriction will be imposed for students that have been dropped for non-payment twice in the same semester.

  • Residency requirement:
    To qualify for in-state tuition rates, you must be a Michigan resident for at least six months prior to the start of classes. To qualify for in-district tuition rates, new residents must submit a Residency Change Form and provide two forms of proof to the Enrollment Services Office at least 30 days prior to the start of the semester.

    Tuition reduction:
    Residents of the college district 60 years and older qualify for a tuition reduction of 50% on most credit courses (a few special classes are exempt from discounts). This reduction does not apply to any course fees.